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Forum » Horror Classic TV Series (English) » Supernatural (1977) Mini - TV Series (English) Complete » Supernatural (1977) Mini - TV Series (Complete)
Supernatural (1977) Mini - TV Series (Complete)
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Supernatural is a British anthology television series that was produced by the BBC in 1977. The series consisted of eight episodes and was broadcast on BBC1. In each episode, a prospective member of the "Club of the Damned" was required to tell a horror story, and their application for membership would be judged on how frightening the story was. Applicants who failed to tell a sufficiently frightening story would be killed.

Series creator Robert Muller, who also wrote seven of the eight screenplays, said: "The idea was to tell the kind of Gothic tale that we don't have on television, something akin to the old horror films of the 1920s and 1930s. What we get now are thrillers set in modern times with lots of blood and violence. There is no blood and no violence in this series. They are tales about ghosts, vampires, werewolves, that sort of thing. Highly romantic and highly charged with fear and menace."

Although each episode was a stand-alone story, episodes 2 and 3 shared a cast and linked plot. These two episodes starred English actress Billie Whitelaw, who was married to Muller. She said: "Robert wrote the story with me in mind, but I said I would not read it until it was sent to me by a producer or director. I wanted the thing kept on a professional footing. During rehearsals we never discussed the play at home, and in the rehearsal room I would never address Robert directly if I had any query or suggestion. I would always go through the director."

Vladek Sheybal won the Dracula Society's prestigious Hamilton Deane Award for the best dramatic performance or presentation in the Gothic horror/supernatural genres for his performance in "Night of the Marionettes". Sheybal played "Herr Hubert", an Austrian innkeeper with life-size puppets in a story based around Mary Shelley's Frankenstein.

British cult TV magazine Action TV Online said of the series: "Though literate scripting and a collection of high calibre acting talent benefited the series, it was let down by static direction and frankly boring plots and has never been repeated since first shown." However, in 2014 the series was partially repeated around Halloween, on BBC Four.

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Forum » Horror Classic TV Series (English) » Supernatural (1977) Mini - TV Series (English) Complete » Supernatural (1977) Mini - TV Series (Complete)
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